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Women in Mexico have been using rebozos, or scarves, for hundreds of years.  It is a sacred garment they use daily for all manner of things- warmth, carrying things, wearing babies, for support in pregnancy, and as a tool for labor. The knowledge of how to use a rebozo in labor has been passed down and shared and is now being taught by a handful of instructors.
As a Tool for Labor
Rebozo Closing
Traditionally, a closing ceremony using rebozos is performed 3 days or more after the birth.  Some women have had it done years after their last birth.  It is a way of letting go of any baggage from the pregnancy and birth as well as to encourage physical and energetic closing of the body that quite literally had to be very open and vulnerable to allow a baby to emerge.  This closing can be done as many times as desired.

To begin, we discuss any lingering fears, doubts, or other emotions you wish to let go of. Then, beginning with your head, I wrap you in several rebozos, rocking and binding each section of your body, all the way down to your feet, encouraging you to let go each step of the way. 

Once you are snugly wrapped, I lightly massage you through the rebozos, then gently sweep down your body with a heavier rebozo. You can then rest that way for as long as you like.

I end by releasing each part of your body, beginning at your feet.  You are free.
"It was amazing...like being rocked by your mother.  It was like the love and trust and support of/from someone who loves you completely. "

-Megan, regarding rebozo closing
A rebozo can be used for labor in many ways.  Some techniques used on the hips or belly can relieve the pressure of each contraction.  Other ways can help you to block out distractions and focus on the task at hand.  The goal of all methods is to help you to relax and allow labor to progress.